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Pandan Paste Bicsuit (班兰豆蓉饼) - 20 Pieces/Box (20 粒/盒) [Free Shipping Min Spend RM30]

Product Description

Free Shipping Min Spend RM30!

**Bake On The Day Of Shipping Day For Optimum Freshness*

*Made with Knife Brand Oil(High Quality Oil) and Quality Ingredients*

*100% Local Employees Proper Compliance of Employment Law**Home Made Historical Recipe Since 1947 and Choice Of Taiping Residents*

*Clean and neat packaging for your consumption confidence*




*100% 本地员工与遵从劳工法令*



Description : Freshly Baked Pandan Paste Bicsuit

描述 : 新鲜出炉的班兰豆蓉饼 - 每一粒都独立密封

Expiry Duration : More than 3 weeks after baked

有效期 : 可以耐超过3个星期

Reheat Instruction : Not required to reheat.

再加热说明 : 不需要再烤热

** IMPORTANT | 重要提示**

Non-Halal and Non-Vegetable | 非清真食品与非素食品